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Delivering Hope, One Cup at a Time

Abdi Duale, Tea Shop Owner, Hargeisa ​

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Faced with a lack of economic opportunities in his home city of Hargeisa in Somaliland, Mr. Abdi Duale, then 23 years old, dreamed of going to the Europe to seek a better life. In 2012 he attempted to reach Europe undergoing an arduous journey across Ethiopia, Sudan and into Libya.

He stayed in Libya for over three years trying to find a way to cross the Mediterranean Sea. After many attempts, he was not able to do so. He witnessed many of his friends’ die while attempting the crossing. Eventually he gave up his dream and returned home to Somaliland.

Then he learnt about a loan programme for startup entrepreneurs being offered by Kaah International Microfinance Services (KIMS).

In 2016 he received help from KIMS to develop a business plan and a US$1,600 loan to start up his business, a new cafeteria in Hargeisa. The business has gone on to be a success. He has now hired 3 new staff and he sells over 600 cups of tea a day.

Recounting his experience, Duale says; “I didn’t realise how difficult it would be to reach Europe and my dream soon became a nightmare. Thanks to God, I was introduced to KIMS and with support from them I started this business. This has changed my life and now I have become an active member in my community. Not only do I have income to support my needs but I am creating jobs for others”.

“I have a new dream now. That is to be more successful with this business and to start a family here in Hargeisa”.​ - Duale

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