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Sahra Mahamed Ali ​- Female taxi driver - Hargeisa

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Sahra Mahamed Ali is a rare sight in Hargeisa, a female taxi driver.

When her husband who owned a taxi began to suffer long-term health problems, with little income she could not afford the family responsibility and decided to become a taxi driver instead of her husband, which was more lucratice than are previous career as a professional health worker.

“I wake up very early in the morning, pray, do my house chores, get my children ready for school, when am done I start driving my husband’s taxi.​

- Sahra

Some will yell: “OOH look at that woman trying to be a taxi driver!” I felt sad at a times, but due to financial problems I choose not to listen to what people say and do my work.

Most people leaving in Hargeisa don’t believe a woman can be a taxi driver hence making Sahra work difficult.

For a long time Sahra was not able to get good number of customers but her hopes are high that she will get use to it and that she will be recognized as amongst the taxi drivers in Hargeisa.

“Before I became a taxi driver I went for a driving school to obtain driving licenses and also to perfect my driving , during my time in school faced many challenges, youth whom we share the same class thought am lost and in the wrong career”

- Sahra

Sahra has now become a familiar sight on the streets of Hargeisa and has a loyal and growing female client base.

Source: SOMALI PRESS TV- Published on Nov 28, 2017

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